Jun 17
Referral Contest!!
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It’s time for another fun little summer contest! This one is so easy you have no excuse not to join in on the fun! Who doesn’t want to win something great?!

The Prize:

One free 2 hour session with Photography by Katie Dawn for up to 4 individuals. Also included is 1 8×10 and 2 5×7 complimentary prints from your session. That’s a total value of $210!

In addition, the friends you referred to Photography by Katie Dawn will all receive 10% off their next session fee!

How to Enter:

It’s simple - get as many of your friends to join the Photography by Katie Dawn page on Facebook! After joining, have them post on the wall the name of the person referring them (YOU!). The contest starts today and ends June 30, 2008 at 11:59PM EST.

It’s so easy I’m even giving the the text you can use to send your friends an e-mail. Just copy and paste!

- - - - - - - -


Just sending you a friendly e-mail inviting you to join Photography by Katie Dawn’s fan page on Facebook. She’s running a contest and the winner receives a 2hr photography session plus 1 8×10 and 2 5×7 prints!  The person who refers the most number of people to her page wins the prize. Not only that, all of the winner’s friends who join the page win 10% off their next session fee!

All you have to do is become a fan and post on the wall that I sent you there. Here’s the link to her page:


Thanks so much! Talk to you later!!

- - - - - - - -


This contest is open to residents in the Windsor-Essex County.

The winner must call to schedule their session before July 15th, 2008. In order to receive their complimentary session and prints the session date must take place before August 31st, 2008. The winner’s referrals must book their session before December 31st, 2008 in order to receive 10% off their session fee.

All sales are final.

Participants must be willing to sign a model release allowing Photography by Katie Dawn to use chosen images for the purpose of display, portfolio, advertising, website or any publication to promote her studio.

Winners will be notified and announced at 12PM EST on Tuesday, July 1st on her blog (http://blog.katiedawn.com).

Good Luck to all participants!

P.S. We have a very exciting weekend coming up - our last senior session plus a wedding - next week’s posts will be full of highlights from the weekend! Can’t wait to show you!

Jun 12
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Here it is… my first Trash the Dress Session! Heard of it before? It’s a new trend in the wedding industry where our pretty little brides head out for a messy photo shoot in their precious wedding dress. It can be as wild or as tame as you like it… some brides hang out in the dirt - others jump in the lake! It’s one last excuse to squeeze into that gorgeous gown (and say… it still fits!) and take some pictures of you in the dress your daughter probably won’t ever wear - except to try on and say - wow mom, you were that small? (haha)

If your dress is still in a pile somewhere in your house then give me a shout and we’ll haul it out for an afternoon of pure creative fun! Or, box it up and don’t open it for another 20 years.

Okay, I can’t wait any longer… say hello to Holly - it’ll be her 2nd anniversary this year and she can proudly say she still fits in her dress and looks absolutely gorgeous. Thanks Holly for the fabulous day, I hope Matt drools over these!

Jun 10
it’s a girl!
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Well… one of my oh-so-cute maternity clients had an oh-so-cute baby girl! Madison Ann was born on May 22nd, a day before her scheduled arrival. I spent a few hours with Madison along with her gorgeous mama and proud papa this weekend. Glad to say that mom is doing well after a rough go. Looks like Madison already has her grandparent’s wrapped around her tiny fingers and who wouldn’t be… she is so cute!!

Congrats to Bill and Tracy. Enjoy every moment of your growing beauty!

Jun 6

Thursday night Tasha and I braved the heat to capture some graduation images. It was a hot but fun evening, we even had a tour come by and watch us as we took pictures on a historic building. Thanks for the great evening Tasha, hope your last month of school is quick and painless!

We have a busy weekend coming up, complete with a newborn shoot tomorrow and we’re going to enjoy Art in the Park in Windsor and the Strawberry Festival in Lasalle. See you out there!

May 30
a happy first birthday!!
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It’s official, my little guy can now sit forward in his car seat… he’s ONE whole year old! We had some friends and family over tonight for a little birthday bash for our sweet little boy. He was such a good boy today and hammed it up for everyone at the party. This is a bit of a big share but I just can’t resist. Here is his super special birthday cake all for him!

p.s. it’s getting late and I’m super tired so I hope these all look as good and that what I’ve written makes sense!

May 26
a beauty in waiting…
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This weekend I drove up to visit my close friend, Meg, who is only a month away from her due date and is looking absolutely gorgeous. When I met up with her she stepped out of her car wearing stilettos and a cute black dress - as fabulous as always. The light was quickly fading as the sun had just about set but we still managed to squeeze in some great shots before it was too dark. I feel honored to capture her at such a special time in her life. As a mom, I truly believe that moms-to-be need some memory of themselves while pregnant. Pregnancy already seems like a distant memory so I love to look back on my photos and relive that short period of time.

I’m heading out to a workshop in July and will be able to spend some time with Meg, Jeff and their new baby. I am so excited for them, they are going to make wonderful parents and that little bundle is going to be so incredibly sweet…

Hope you like Meg, I’ll have your gallery up later this week.

May 22

Here she is, our first Just in Time for Prom Winner… Brittany!

Last night we braved the chilly weather, or I should say, Brittany braved the chilly weather for some great graduation images. Not that it was all that cold to her as she spends her free time on an ice pad pulling off leaps and spins we could only dream about (trust me, I’m two left feet on ice!). Brittany looks gorgeous in her prom dress and I’m sure she is going to be the envy of the evening in such a stunning dress! So, here they are - just a couple sneak peeks for her…

Congrats Brittany! Best of luck to you,


May 15

Okay Okay Okay… I’m being pestered to hurry up and get more up. Here’s one more!! If you want to see the rest, go to the portrait side of my website and view the featured session (gallery > featured)! I’m so busy right now that I haven’t put them ALLLL up but there are quite a few there to start with.

My first Prom winner is booked for next week so expect some images of that by the end of next week! Plus I’m going to start sewing more Petti-Skirts and some capes for my mini sessions… if only a gathering foot would fit on my sewing machine!! The last one was a nightmare to baste and gather together. I’m going to be an expert at this when I’m done. I’m also making some cute little tu-tus. I’ll post pictures of everything when I’m done.

To my favorite friend waiting patiently for her wedding video - I am burning it (again… and again) as we speak! I almost threw my computer out the front window in the process… but it’s done. Hooray!! Expect it in the mail ASAP! I hope you love it to pieces.

Last note, I promise. This is to all those moms who love (but secretly hate, or vice-versa) home parties, ie. Candle Parties, Tupperware Parties, Skin Care Parties… and I’m not forgetting the kind of parties that I wouldn’t write about on here… Welcome to the newest kind of party that you are going to love. Portrait Parties. (small ovation). Yes! You heard me!! Portrait Parties!!! Exciting? I knew you’d think so. What does everyone need? More pictures of their kids, of course. Why not spend an afternoon with friends in the park with some food and fun and your favorite photographer (me!). The more friends you invite, the less each session costs (up to 6 friends) and the host earns print credits towards their order in appreciation for throwing the party. Please send me an e-mail if you’re interested. As always, more details to follow!

Good night!

Here’s my “help” that I was talking about!

May 13
Almost 1 Year!
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So today I went out to a park, last minute, to give my 70-200 mm lens some exercise as I hate to admit it but I haven’t had much chance to use it yet. With wedding season coming up I thought it’d be great to go outside and play. My little man will be 1 year on May 30th and being a photographer-mom I want him to have super cute 1 Year pictures. He’s pretty sweet to begin with so I don’t think it will be tough.

Here’s one I just processed. We’re going back with some help as Mommy could use someone to distract him and Abbie, our chocolate lab, wasn’t very much help. Can’t wait to process the others and show you…

Kayle 1 Year

On another note: I am in the process of developing some mini-sessions. Just 1/2 an hour of photography in the park with petti-skirts, capes, and cardboard swords. A low session fee with 10-12 selects for you to choose from. I’ll be posting all the details and available dates soon.

May 11
And the Winners are….
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Brittany Anne M,

Natasha W, and

Jessica F.

Congratulations to our three winners!! Thank you to all those who entered Just in Time for Prom, it was really hard to choose! Images from the winner’s session will be posted to the blog over the next few weeks. I have notified the winners via e-mail, please contact me to book your session soon.

Happy Mother’s Day!! It’s a rainy day here but I’m still enjoying my first mother’s day with my little guy.

Katie Dawn

May 9
Last day to Apply!
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Tonight is the deadline for “Just in Time for Prom.” Thank You and Good Luck to all those who have applied! Winners will be announced this Sunday - stay tuned!

In the meantime, here’s a sweet one for you:

May 4
Counting Down the Days
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This weekend I spent some time photographing a new friend, Tracy, who’s patiently counting down the days until her little one arrives. It was such a relaxed and fun session that I actually lost track of time and we spent about twice as long as we had planned. By my count she has 19 days until her scheduled section and I’m pretty sure the time is going to fly by. They haven’t found out what the sex of the baby is so we took BOY and GIRL pictures…. sorry everyone, if she knew you wouldn’t find out from me!!

Apr 28

I had the pleasure of photographing a sweet little seven pound bundle along with her loving family this weekend. It was so cute watching her big sister sing her favorite lullaby and how such a tiny person knows that song and feels comforted by it. Here’s a sneak peek for the family!

Apr 23
a new fave
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I just came across this little sweetheart again as I’m editing these for printing and it just makes me smile so I had to share.

Apr 16

*Looking for Just in Time for Prom? Scroll Down!

Submissions are starting to come in, don’t miss out on a great opportunity - apply today!*

This morning I had the pleasure of photographing a recent EDHS grad. We had to compete with a bus load of elementary children on a field trip but a challenge always makes things interesting!

Here are a few shots!

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