Planting my Feet

I know… you’ve been wondering - did Katie drop off the planet?!

Stop worrying, I’m still here!

I have settled in Lethbridge and am getting back into the swing of things. Well… my garage is still full of boxes but there are only so many hours in a day - right?! We’re booking weddings for 2009 and want all you gorgeous little preggo mamasto know that we’re here to capture your growing bellies. Yes, it’s getting awfully chilly out but don’t let that worry you or stop you from capturing this special time in your life. Also, if you’re just about to pop - the BEST time to photograph your newborn is 3-8 days following birth… so keep us close on your call list! As a mom, I understand the hesitation to have company (especially a photographer!) over to your home so early on but this is just one of those things you’ll have to trust me on. Our sessions are very relaxed and happy and I promise that the extra laundry tumbling out of the laundry room is nothing to fret over. If you’re not ready to get out of your pyjammas, don’t! It’s all about remembering that precious start to your baby’s life, save the cleaning for when you get more the 3 hours of consecutive sleep!

Okay… enough with the business talk. I showed you a little sneak peek for Mike and Becky back in August and I’ve recently been editing images for this gorgeous couple. I hate to blog without posting some images so here they are again!

We have an engagement session next weekend and this weekend I’m shooting one of my favorite little boys in the whole wide world…. So, I promise not to fall off the planet again!!

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