Post Wedding Fun!

Our referral winner and newlywed, Shayna, jumped back in her dress for a little fun on a Sunday evening. We revisited the site where I took the boys’ pre-ceremony pictures for a Trash the Dress session. After much cajoling from family friends, wondering when Shayna was going to roll around in the mud, we settled for a little dirt around the old barn. Shayna told me Ryan was going to throw her in the pool if she came back and her dress wasn’t trashed - hopefully she wasn’t dunked when she arrived home!

I haven’t had much time to look through it all so I just snagged a couple of shots for you to see! I’m headed back to Indianapolis on Wednesday and will not be back until Monday. I’m attending a great workshop by Skye Hardwick - a fabulous children’s photographer out of the States. I also get to spend some time with my good friend Meg and we’ll be taking some more pictures of her sweet baby boy. So we’ve got lots to look forward to but if I don’t post before I get back then have a great weekend!!

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