More of my #1 and did I just say, “Portrait Party?”

Okay Okay Okay… I’m being pestered to hurry up and get more up. Here’s one more!! If you want to see the rest, go to the portrait side of my website and view the featured session (gallery > featured)! I’m so busy right now that I haven’t put them ALLLL up but there are quite a few there to start with.

My first Prom winner is booked for next week so expect some images of that by the end of next week! Plus I’m going to start sewing more Petti-Skirts and some capes for my mini sessions… if only a gathering foot would fit on my sewing machine!! The last one was a nightmare to baste and gather together. I’m going to be an expert at this when I’m done. I’m also making some cute little tu-tus. I’ll post pictures of everything when I’m done.

To my favorite friend waiting patiently for her wedding video - I am burning it (again… and again) as we speak! I almost threw my computer out the front window in the process… but it’s done. Hooray!! Expect it in the mail ASAP! I hope you love it to pieces.

Last note, I promise. This is to all those moms who love (but secretly hate, or vice-versa) home parties, ie. Candle Parties, Tupperware Parties, Skin Care Parties… and I’m not forgetting the kind of parties that I wouldn’t write about on here… Welcome to the newest kind of party that you are going to love. Portrait Parties. (small ovation). Yes! You heard me!! Portrait Parties!!! Exciting? I knew you’d think so. What does everyone need? More pictures of their kids, of course. Why not spend an afternoon with friends in the park with some food and fun and your favorite photographer (me!). The more friends you invite, the less each session costs (up to 6 friends) and the host earns print credits towards their order in appreciation for throwing the party. Please send me an e-mail if you’re interested. As always, more details to follow!

Good night!

Here’s my “help” that I was talking about!

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