May 26
a beauty in waiting…
icon1 katie dawn | icon2 Maternity | icon4 05 26th, 2008| icon3No Comments »

This weekend I drove up to visit my close friend, Meg, who is only a month away from her due date and is looking absolutely gorgeous. When I met up with her she stepped out of her car wearing stilettos and a cute black dress - as fabulous as always. The light was quickly fading as the sun had just about set but we still managed to squeeze in some great shots before it was too dark. I feel honored to capture her at such a special time in her life. As a mom, I truly believe that moms-to-be need some memory of themselves while pregnant. Pregnancy already seems like a distant memory so I love to look back on my photos and relive that short period of time.

I’m heading out to a workshop in July and will be able to spend some time with Meg, Jeff and their new baby. I am so excited for them, they are going to make wonderful parents and that little bundle is going to be so incredibly sweet…

Hope you like Meg, I’ll have your gallery up later this week.

May 4
Counting Down the Days
icon1 katie dawn | icon2 Maternity | icon4 05 4th, 2008| icon3No Comments »

This weekend I spent some time photographing a new friend, Tracy, who’s patiently counting down the days until her little one arrives. It was such a relaxed and fun session that I actually lost track of time and we spent about twice as long as we had planned. By my count she has 19 days until her scheduled section and I’m pretty sure the time is going to fly by. They haven’t found out what the sex of the baby is so we took BOY and GIRL pictures…. sorry everyone, if she knew you wouldn’t find out from me!!