Oct 29

I’m just editing some pictures we took down in Spokane, WA this fall. I came across some of my favorite little girl in the whole wide world. She is so beautiful and I miss her very much. Mommy and Daddy will have to show her and tell her this:

R - I cannot believe how quickly you’ve become such a big girl, I remember when you were just a wee baby and I thought you were the most beautiful baby girl on the planet… just look at you now! You become more beautiful as each day passes. I had lots of fun when I came to visit you and cannot wait to see you again. Love You & Miss You, Auntie Katie.

I mean… how could you not fall in love with a sweet face such as this? Even with some 4 year old attitude!! Sometimes, as parents, I think we say in our heads, “kid, you’re lucky you’re so darn cute.” That’s why we hang pictures like this on our walls… so when they’re screaming their little heads off we can sigh and remember… okay, in 5 minutes she’ll be back to that sweet little face.

Fall Face

May 15

Okay Okay Okay… I’m being pestered to hurry up and get more up. Here’s one more!! If you want to see the rest, go to the portrait side of my website and view the featured session (gallery > featured)! I’m so busy right now that I haven’t put them ALLLL up but there are quite a few there to start with.

My first Prom winner is booked for next week so expect some images of that by the end of next week! Plus I’m going to start sewing more Petti-Skirts and some capes for my mini sessions… if only a gathering foot would fit on my sewing machine!! The last one was a nightmare to baste and gather together. I’m going to be an expert at this when I’m done. I’m also making some cute little tu-tus. I’ll post pictures of everything when I’m done.

To my favorite friend waiting patiently for her wedding video - I am burning it (again… and again) as we speak! I almost threw my computer out the front window in the process… but it’s done. Hooray!! Expect it in the mail ASAP! I hope you love it to pieces.

Last note, I promise. This is to all those moms who love (but secretly hate, or vice-versa) home parties, ie. Candle Parties, Tupperware Parties, Skin Care Parties… and I’m not forgetting the kind of parties that I wouldn’t write about on here… Welcome to the newest kind of party that you are going to love. Portrait Parties. (small ovation). Yes! You heard me!! Portrait Parties!!! Exciting? I knew you’d think so. What does everyone need? More pictures of their kids, of course. Why not spend an afternoon with friends in the park with some food and fun and your favorite photographer (me!). The more friends you invite, the less each session costs (up to 6 friends) and the host earns print credits towards their order in appreciation for throwing the party. Please send me an e-mail if you’re interested. As always, more details to follow!

Good night!

Here’s my “help” that I was talking about!

May 13
Almost 1 Year!
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So today I went out to a park, last minute, to give my 70-200 mm lens some exercise as I hate to admit it but I haven’t had much chance to use it yet. With wedding season coming up I thought it’d be great to go outside and play. My little man will be 1 year on May 30th and being a photographer-mom I want him to have super cute 1 Year pictures. He’s pretty sweet to begin with so I don’t think it will be tough.

Here’s one I just processed. We’re going back with some help as Mommy could use someone to distract him and Abbie, our chocolate lab, wasn’t very much help. Can’t wait to process the others and show you…

Kayle 1 Year

On another note: I am in the process of developing some mini-sessions. Just 1/2 an hour of photography in the park with petti-skirts, capes, and cardboard swords. A low session fee with 10-12 selects for you to choose from. I’ll be posting all the details and available dates soon.

Apr 28

I had the pleasure of photographing a sweet little seven pound bundle along with her loving family this weekend. It was so cute watching her big sister sing her favorite lullaby and how such a tiny person knows that song and feels comforted by it. Here’s a sneak peek for the family!

Apr 23
a new fave
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I just came across this little sweetheart again as I’m editing these for printing and it just makes me smile so I had to share.

Apr 7
More Mexico
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I’m back in Ontario, busy editing my session in Mexico. Hope you enjoy these favorites!

Mar 31
Birthday Girl.
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Well… we managed to get our birthday session in and I am ever so happy that we found the time. I’m working remote so I don’t have the usual editing tools so here is just a tease.

I turned 1/4 century today and this little sweetheart turned 4. I told her it was my birthday wish that we do a photoshoot together, lucky me, I got my wish. Happy Birthday to my beautiful (princess) niece! So glad we got to share a special birthday together!

Knock Knock

Mar 18

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice…. this little girl is quite possibly one of the most beautiful babies I’ve ever laid my eyes on.

Baby Girl

And don’t forget her ever so cute and precocious big brother. Check out those dimples!

Big Brother

I love my job!

Mar 13
Back in Business
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Hello Again!

It’s taken a bit of time to get up and running but I’m ready to take off again! I’ve just begun advertising in the Windsor area and have my first two sessions booked here in Ontario. Here’s my ad for the local Essex Free Press:

Free Press Ad

I also sent my business cards out for printing. I can’t wait to get them back and start handing them out!!

Business Card

If you’re located in Essex County and are looking for a local photographer with a new perspective on photography to capture your family or events, please check out my website and don’t hesitate to give me a call or an e-mail for more details. I’m really looking forward to seeing my business grow, so don’t forget to ask about my referral program!

I’ll keep you posted on new work over the next few weeks. See you soon - thanks for returning!

Katie Dawn

Feb 26
Storyboard Fun
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Only 2 more days left in Red Deer before heading off to Windsor - here’s one of the finished products from a shoot earlier this month. Yum!


Feb 9
Fun times with Owen!
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There are so many great pictures from my session today with Owen. Here’s a sneak peek!


Feb 6
Look at me grow!
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Little Eric just turned 1 year so we celebrated with a photoshoot at home. He just learned to crawl that week so we had fun chasing him around the background.


Looks like Dustin and I are moving back to Ontario in the next few months so I’m cramming in as many sessions in Red Deer before we move. It’s going to be a busy few months so keep checking back for updates.